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M.E. Laursen, a born 'n raised Texan, is an artist, therapist, and community organizer living in Austin, TX. Previously the Associate Director & Curator at Pump Project, she now serves as the curator of programs & engagement at The Contemporary Austin. Since receiving her BFA in Studio Art at The University of Texas at Austin in 2015, she has focused on leadership development, communications, and development in various fields. Her experience has reinforced her commitment to advocating for programs and space at the intersection of artists and the community. She runs a holistic psychotherapy practice based out of Austin, TX. During her free time, she volunteers and work trades for organizations she loves. 

"My work concerns the exploration and representation of self in time and space. I use a combination of found materials, recycled detritus, and hand-me-downs which trigger nostalgic movements and responses within my body. By associating objects together formally, manipulating them or reducing them, I am able to understand, appreciate or poke at their symbolism in a changing present." - M.E. Laursen

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