Isn’t there a kind of reasoning

that depends on the collection


of more and more data? A kind

of gluttonous reasoning, a logic


that consumes so much, a logic

that concludes through leaving


no stone unturned. “The solution

is contained in these data


of which I have left nothing out.

All this information, swallowed


by me, has granted the solution.

I own it, in my belly.”


The last time we met you were polite --

gently letting me enter, bit by bit 


getting a sense of who I was

and who I could be. A sampler.


“Top or bottom?” you asked me

and that was knowledge,


which I thought to keep to myself,

so afraid of consumption.


When a snake swallows

a smaller snake whole, the snake


becomes the snake.

This time, please, consume me. Split open 


your belly to let me in. Just as gently

but so much faster. Digest me first


and ask questions later. Warm up my 

everything with the lining of your tummy


and before long you’ll know everything. 

This time, please, consume me.


Fred Tally-Foos studied humanities and poetry at the University of Texas where he received his BA in 2017. He writes poetry that is sometimes about how human patterns adapt and react in physical/relational spaces.