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the sky is blue / and we're still / tender

Pump Project at Cloud Tree Studios Gallery - Austin TX

October 2019

"What if we joined our wildernesses together? Sit with that for a minute. That the body, the life, might carry a wilderness, an unexplored territory, and that yours and mine might somewhere, somehow meet. Might, even, join." - Ross Gay

This exhibition is an arrangement of works by artists offering forms of connection between, through and within each other.

Ross Gay (2019). "Joy is Such a Human Madness". Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. Book of Delights (pp. 49). Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Workman Publishing.

Featuring works by artists:

Beverly Acha //
Geoffrey Aldridge //
Claire Bresette //
Hallie Brewer //
Ted Carey //
Sev Coursen //
Sarah Kennedy //
Kirsten Lofgren //
Betelhem Makonnen //
Veronica Mognato + Ana Treviño Collective // +
Kendall Ozmun //
Francesca Simonite //

This project was supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department

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